Indians going wrong

09 Points Where We Indians Go Wrong?

09 Points Where We Indians Go Wrong?

Indians are considered to be the first species on Earth. And, also the one behind inventing various innovations. From being the Gods country to having a dynamic history. From introducing zero to reach the Mars. Indians are well known all over the World, it doesn’t matter if they outnumbered the English People in the United Kingdom in terms of population. From being the 2nd largest World population of the 111th happiest country in the World. We say Hockey is our national game, but we failed to assume any other sport greater than cricket. If our players win, we run on the streets celebrating. If one loses, we threw bottles upon them. This is where we Indians go wrong.

Caste isn’t an issue, we leave no chance to patronize each other caste. Someone has well said, we as a country are “Divided by a politician, United by terrorist attacks”. Every time, it’s isn’t the central government responsible for being blamed for. Somewhere, we as an Indian People are also responsible towards our own act. Somewhere we failed to act as a responsible citizen of this country. We as Indian have one thing common that “We pay taxes, we are free to take over all rights”. Yeah Right, but we are not free to misuse our rights. And, this sense of freedom in each of our minds, results in a major destruction of this country.

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1) Thinking:-

The problem with our thinking is we don’t think. We just blindly believe.

Our beliefs are so strong that we follow the path of our ancestors. Well, it’s okay to follow our culture, but following it in a blind way is a disastrous thing. Not, even giving it a second thought, generates problems.

Even after our Supreme court passed a law to stop female discrimination, they are still followed in some regions.

Talking about beliefs, we believe in our God more than believes in yourself. There nothing wrong with that, but, we even fail to realize when crooked Baba takes advantage of our beliefs. Even If any Baba advice to eat “samosa with red chutney” — to cure all the life problems, still thousands of us, blindly follow him.

We all consider river Ganga as “Ganga Ma” and, what we have donen’t do with it — to make it the most polluted river in the World. Why has a man to come up with a vision to rejuvenate Ganga? Have we lost the track of our responsibility? Or we don’t feel any importance of this holy water? Are we so selfish for own life that we can’t even see how things are getting worse for the sake of my own needs and desire? Isn’t, we as Indians go wrong?

No surprise Taj Mahal is among the 7 wonders of the World. But, when one gets to know, what Taj Mahal is surrounded by? One will really fill ashamed of its own country. And, this is why our government has to enforce “Swachh Bharat Mission“, in order to keep things clean. Because govern menu understand, if we all Indian unite together and take responsibility, no power in this world can stop India becoming a clean country in the world.

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2) Responsibility:-

We don’t even know our basic citizen rights. Yet, we think paying tax is the only biggest step toward developing the country. Is paying taxes on time is the only duty towards our country? Isn’t there any duty to our surroundings? Or we assume to leave everything in the hands of government and military to do the rest of the work?

Rain fail to fall in monsoon, we question the state government for shortage of Water. While, we waste liters of water for no cause. We talk about the cleanliness of the streets. Well, we leave no chance to fill up the street with waste.

The most amazing thing is, even after government strict rules, we don’t feel ashamed to break one. It can be anything “Urinating (mutra visharjan)” upon side walls or “spitting pan masala”. Yes, this is again, where we Indians go wrong.

3. Caste:-

Why the president of the United States has to point out our caste system as the biggest obstacle towards development? Even after things are visible to us, then why isn’t anyone taking any step?

Why Hindu and Muslim live happily with each other in different countries, but not in India? Is that so, then why our government isn’t following such laws in this country? Is the government still afraid of losing its own stability?

Why are the political leaders making aggressive speeches against each other caste, and people blindly following them? Even after the youth of India doesn’t consider any of these things, why can’t the elders? Yes, this is again, where we Indians go wrong.

Even after 5% of our people spoiling our country’s name, why 95% aren’t doing anything? There is a lot of thought about.

09 Points Where We Indians Go Wrong?

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3.a. Caste Politics

Incredible India starts here, lower caste is just a reason. India has a population of — OBC – 41%, Schedule Caste – 20%, Schedule Tribe – 9%, Indian Muslims – 13.4%, Christians – 2.3%

*according to National Commission for Backward Classes, Government of India. 2009.

Total – 85.7

And, they say we don’t get any of the benefits as we don’t cope up with the open caste. They have already had outnumbered open category, then why the government still believes in giving special reservation for them?

If it would rural or urban areas, these things have been following with us for a long time. When we talk about equality, why can’t we follow one?

The Government gives special reservation to such caste instead of giving basic things they need to come up in life. Even after giving the lower caste people, the benefit of fewer fees, less mark cut-off’s and also special subsidies. Why there isn’t any development even after years of Independence? Or does these subsidies help the government officials in another way? Isn’t their discrimination between our children’s education? Yes, this is again, where we Indians go wrong.

4. Cleanliness:- 

This is one of the biggest problems, India has been seen within few years. We consider “Mehman Bhagwan Samaan”, but at the very next moment, we leave no chance to keep our tourist places clean. Taj Mahal is known for its beauty, but the nearby stations and street stinks with toilets smell and trashes.

Every monsoon, Mumbai faces the major problem of water logging. We complain the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporations) for their mistakes. But, somewhere, we are also responsible for throwing plastic bags and other things on the roads. When we keep our houses clean, why can’t our surroundings?

09 Points Where We Indians Go Wrong?

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5. Education:-

In happiest nation list India comes around #111 rank. Why such thing happened because we learn to earn money. Yes, money is important but not the way we take in terms of education and learning.

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators, but learners may also educate themselves.

Just think about it, if we all Indian use our education to change our country. Very soon India will be developed country and most powerful country.

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6. Duty & Mentality: –

09 Points Where We Indians Go Wrong?

The most arrogant thing, we see is no sense of fear in breaking any law. This is where we lack in our behavior — with our mentality.

Even after traffic laws, why are we caught on breaking laws? The most common thing we see — no one makes any space for an ambulance or fire brigade to pass by. Isn’t, we lost senses of being a responsible citizen?

7. Women Development:-

Old beliefs are still much stronger in Indian roots. We should only value those beliefs, which are right. Women aren’t just for serving and pleasing his man. People will have understood this thing. Even after this thing is less in urban but haven’t yet vanished. While, rural areas still have to travel a long way. Education for girls, working after marriage is still a major problem in India. While dowry and child marriage are still present in our roots. We will need to eradicate such things from our society. Yes, this is again, where we Indians go wrong.

09 Points Where We Indians Go Wrong?

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8. Not always men’s are wrong: –

Judging someone before knowing the whole truth is a common human tendency. Yes, there was some stain created upon our community by our country men’s. Yes, there are men’s and his family asking dowry. Yes, there is husband beating up their wife. And yes, strict actions should be taken against them.

But not every man are the same, there are some men’s affected by women’s false rape cases, murder cases, and dowry cases.  And we all know there is some law where men and his family can be taken into jail by just firing a false FIR by women. And many of these cases have seriously affected the man and his family’s life. This law was introduced for women. And some women are misusing this law. And the second most issue we are facing is such cases ends after the long period of time.  So, it’s a request to everyone, stop judging men before knowing the whole truth. Because India is a nation where people took illogical judgments. “When a man is scolding on women people says look at that loser guy scolding on a woman, and when a woman is scolding on a man then people say look at that loser guy listening to woman scold“. Well, the question is what  he should do? No one will come and stand against it and they will just complain and gossip about this situation.

9. United by Cricket, Divided by Political Parties: –

09 Points Where We Indians Go Wrong?

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We play with each other, celebrate with each other. But what happen when a politician come up and make some aggressive statement, and why do we get affected by that? Have we all lost our senses?

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Actually, this is not just the problem of India. Each and every country is facing such problem. But, only things which matters is are we as Indian citizen are together to make our country the best?

If you think there are also other problem you can share with us. By commenting below.

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